The OnePlus 6T has been a trendsetter in the smartphone industry with its blend of high-end features, premium design, and reasonable price point. Released in November 2018, the OnePlus 6T comes packed with a Snapdragon 845 processor, 6/8GB of RAM, and up to 256GB of storage. Its 6.41-inch Optic AMOLED display with a teardrop notch and in-display fingerprint sensor have also been standout features.

Performance and Design

The performance of the OnePlus 6T is exceedingly smooth, thanks to the powerful Snapdragon 845 chipset and OxygenOS’s optimization. Whether running multiple apps simultaneously or engaging in heavy gaming, the device does not falter. The design is sleek and elegant, with a glass back that gives it a premium aesthetic. The teardrop notch is a clever way to maximize screen space without compromising the front camera.

Display and Camera

The display of the OnePlus 6T is vibrant, with deep blacks and excellent color accuracy. The Optic AMOLED technology delivers rich visuals, making multimedia consumption a delight. The camera performance is commendable, with the dual rear setup (16MP + 20MP) capturing detailed shots with natural colors. The Nightscape feature enhances low-light photography, producing impressive results even in challenging lighting conditions.

Battery Life and Software

One of the standout features of the OnePlus 6T is its battery life. The 3700 mAh battery easily lasts a full day of heavy usage, and the fast charging technology (Dash Charge) quickly replenishes the battery when needed. OxygenOS, based on Android Pie, offers a clean and intuitive user experience. The software is bloatware-free, ensuring smooth and efficient performance.

Additional Features

The in-display fingerprint sensor sets the OnePlus 6T apart from its competitors. Although not as fast as traditional fingerprint sensors, it adds a futuristic touch to the device. The absence of the headphone jack may be a downside for some users, but OnePlus provides a USB-C to 3.5mm adapter in the box. The Gestures feature offers an alternative navigation method, allowing users to navigate the interface with swipes and taps.

OnePlus 6T Variants

The OnePlus 6T is available in various variants, including:

  • OnePlus 6T Mirror Black: The standard variant with a glossy finish.
  • OnePlus 6T Midnight Black: Features a matte finish for a more premium look.
  • OnePlus 6T Thunder Purple: Offers a gradient purple hue for a unique aesthetic.
  • OnePlus 6T McLaren Edition: A special edition with 10GB of RAM and unique design elements.

Is the OnePlus 6T Worth It?

With its potent combination of high-end specifications, premium design, and competitive pricing, the OnePlus 6T is undoubtedly worth considering for users seeking a flagship-level smartphone experience without the exorbitant price tag. The device’s performance, display quality, camera capabilities, and software experience make it a compelling option in its price segment.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. Is the OnePlus 6T still worth buying in 2021?
Yes, the OnePlus 6T is still a viable option in 2021 for users looking for a reliable and feature-packed smartphone at a reasonable price point.

2. Does the OnePlus 6T support 5G connectivity?
No, the OnePlus 6T does not support 5G connectivity as it was released before the widespread adoption of 5G technology.

3. How durable is the OnePlus 6T?
The OnePlus 6T features a glass front and back, so using a protective case is recommended to prevent damage from accidental drops.

4. Can the battery of the OnePlus 6T be replaced?
The battery of the OnePlus 6T is non-removable, but it can be replaced by authorized service centers if needed.

5. Does the OnePlus 6T have expandable storage?
No, the OnePlus 6T does not have a microSD card slot for expandable storage, so users will need to rely on the internal storage options available.

6. Is the OnePlus 6T water-resistant?
While the OnePlus 6T does not have an official IP rating for water resistance, it does offer some level of water and dust resistance in daily usage scenarios.

7. How long does the battery of the OnePlus 6T last on a single charge?
The 3700 mAh battery of the OnePlus 6T typically lasts a full day with moderate to heavy usage, but individual battery life may vary based on usage patterns.

8. Does the OnePlus 6T support wireless charging?
No, the OnePlus 6T does not support wireless charging, but it does come with Dash Charge technology for fast wired charging.

9. Can the OnePlus 6T be updated to the latest Android versions?
OnePlus is known for providing timely software updates, and the OnePlus 6T is expected to receive updates to newer Android versions for a reasonable period.

10. How is the customer service and warranty coverage for the OnePlus 6T?
OnePlus offers decent customer service and warranty coverage for its devices, including the OnePlus 6T. Users can reach out to OnePlus support for assistance with any issues or inquiries regarding their device.

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