oh gossip Explained in Fewer than 140 Characters

The art of gossip is a relatively new one. To give credit where credit is due, gossip has existed since the beginning of time. There are many theories and explanations as to the origins of gossip, but the best ones point to a long-held cultural tradition.

As I’ve mentioned before, gossip is one of those things that seems to have us all stumped. That’s because gossip involves a lot of people (not just talkers) making a lot of assumptions about the actions of others.

The reason gossip is so prevalent and so important is because it helps people know what is going on in the world around them. For example, if you are a good friend of a friend of mine, and you overhear a conversation between two friends, you may assume that they are talking about me. This is because your friend probably has no idea you are a friend of his, and you have no idea that both of you are friends of his.

I can’t put the same level of confidence in my friends that I do in my friends from the outside world. It’s because I know that the friendship between me and my friends is a lot more intimate and deep. I care about them and I want to support them. That is why gossip is so important.

So many gossip sites on the web are designed to make it easy for people to tell everyone else about anything. They are designed as a place to express feelings and tell stories. But gossip can be a very powerful tool. Many people find out about something they shouldn’t about someone from the gossip of friends. People who are close with the person would never tell them directly, but they would gossip about the subject to make sure everyone else knows about it.

In this case, the person who found out about this information was not the person who found out about it. He was the one who found out. He told his friends about it, because he didnt want anyone else to know about it.

That is very true.

The best way to find out who is gossiping about you is to go online and just look. It is harder to find out when you know it already, but you can sometimes use the internet to find out.

I have been wondering about this myself for a while. I always thought that the best way to figure out who is gossiping on the internet is to go online and look for the most common thing that you hear or see. Maybe it’s not gossip, maybe its just something annoying you have to hear. Sometimes, it makes you realize that you were the one that was annoying, not the person who got the gossip.

Just as gossip is usually a good way to find out if someone is gossiping, so is a “Gossip Girl” type of story. The “Gossip Girl” of our time is an incredibly well-written book/TV show about life in and around Manhattan in the late ’90s.

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